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Q&A with Salt and Pepa: Part 2

Salt and Pepa on their logHello everyone! It was terrifying, ghoulish, and ghostly to see some of you at the Shaw Library Halloween Party!

Now that the spooky festivities are over, we're ready to settle down with paws to the keyboard and give you the next installment of questions and answers with us, the beloved Shaw Library gerbils, Salt and Pepa. 

Q: What are you reading now?
A: We were big fans of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, so we were over the moon, a phrase which here means beyond excited, ecstatic, and extremely enthusiastic, to hear Mr. Snicket had another series out! The librarians have been reading us the first book in his new All the Wrong Questions series, Who Could It Be at This Hour? They were also kind enough to sneak us into MLK main library to see Mr. Snicket in person when he visited DC Library in October. Shhh... don't tell!

Q: Do you like to be read to?
A: We adore being read to. Please come by our home anytime and read us your favorite books!

Q: Who cleans the cage, gives you baths and food?
A: Ms. Anina cleans our cage and gives us baths, and many library staff like to give us food. Our favorite trick is to pretend we haven't eaten all day and cry about how hungry we are. That's how we get extra corn and sunflower seeds, not to mention Cheerios!

Q: Do you take shower or bath?
A: We like to take dust baths. It's really fun to roll around in our special dust.

Q: Do your teeth fall out once in a while?
A: Goodness, no! as Pete the Cat would say. All our gnawing and chewing keeps our teeth in pretty tip top shape. So far, none have fallen out. Have you been brushing and flossing regularly? We wouldn't want anything to happen to your teeth either!

Q: What is your favorite color?  - Jayda W.
Pepa: I like teal.
Salt: My favorite color is rainbow!

Thanks for all your questions, fans! We look forward to answering more if we can find time out from jumping in fallen leaves and eating pumpkin!

--From the Paws of Salt and Pepa
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