Check Out the 'Long Earth'

bookcoverThe Long Earth, by Terry Pratchett takes the reader on a interdimensional thrill ride through the limitless iterations of our world with the invention of a potato-powered piece of technology, called the stepper.

Follow along as Joshua and a reincarnated Buddhist motorcycle mechanic, named Lobsang explore these alternate Earths. This unusual cast will discover much during their travels such as bizarre and sapient humanoids, planets ravaged by cosmic radiation as well as asteroid strikes, and a few dimensions where Earth never even existed! If you were a fan of the Discworld series, then you will definitely like these alternate sets of universes that Pratchett and Stephen Baxter have created.

Read this novel to find out about some of socioeconomic implications when a majority of the Earth's population suddenly steps away to live elsewhere. What will happen to this planet that for ages humans have called home?