November Film Display - Feast-en-scène: Celebrating Food in Film

Georgetown Library

November Film Display - Feast-en-scène: Celebrating Food in Film

Feast-en-scène movie selections in the Georgetown Public Library
With the return of chilly night air and the sights and sounds of the holidays nearing in the District, I can’t help but recall memories of baking cookies with my great aunt in preparation for fall and winter celebrations. These crystal clear memories emerge as the leaves fall and winter wraps its cold arms around us.

As winter comes along, I also spend more time inside consuming movies, and what I often notice is not scenes behind the dinner table, but instead what might be perceived as more exciting (car chases, zombies, and vampire love stories).

Food junkies (those who read Michael Pollan for fun, watch Top Chef, and use as much butter as Paula Deen instructs) are often left to watch the Food Network to get a proper fix of food-oriented programming.

For those of us who crave stories, and more than just recipes on tape, I've compiled films for a display: Films that celebrate in scenes, plots and themes what food means (good or bad) for humanity. November is a time when we celebrate food, often to gustatory overload, so why not consume and enjoy this Feast-en-scène at the Georgetown Public Library.

Some of the selections include: