National Novel Writing Month

Mt. Pleasant Library

National Novel Writing Month

Keep Calm and Write On!

Have you started your great masterpiece for National Novel Writing Month?
Here are five tips from the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) Blog

1.  Think of an idea you love enough to neglect everything else you enjoy in life.
  • Not something you like; an example would be that you like drinking white wine spritzers.  How can you plausibly stretch that into 1000 words?
2.  Flesh out a vague idea
  • Think about characters, plot and location.  Use poster board to work it out.  Did you know that Christopher Nolan's Inception took up most of the walls of his dining room, with just papers expanding on the idea?
3.  How are you going to back up your work (so you can work on it when the mood strikes and you aren't at home)?4.  Don't chase trends.
  • Zombies are over, witches may be the new "in thing" but try to think of something on your own that you own.  It's better to write about what you love and know than to follow trends.

5.  Just do it

  • go to your local library and get a study room, time yourself so you don't come out until you have something fleshed out or the 1000 word minimum.
We can help! Visit for write-in times, locations and opportunities to win prizes!

Write on! From Tracy and Esti at Mt. Pleasant