THINK TANK: All in the Family with LaToya Ruby Fraizer

Benning/Dorothy I. Height Library

THINK TANK: All in the Family with LaToya Ruby Fraizer

When was the last time you went to Wal-Mart or CVS to print out a photo of your mother? Even, of yourself?

With the popularity of Instagram and Twitter, we seem to feel safe with only electronically posting our photos for our "friends" and "followers" to see, but not for our family records.

But what will happen when, or if, social media platforms disappear like thieves in the night? Who will we be to our grandkids? 

In this 2012 Art 21 short-film, artist LaToya Ruby Fraizer explores anti-stereotype presentation, raw footage, and "environmental racism" through the photo documentation of her family, specifically her mother. While watching, the viewer may go on to question the lack of self-documentation that one has over his/herself. The viewer may also begin to understand how photo documentation tells stories that need telling.

What are your thoughts?

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