Drawing the Economy: Micro and Macro

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Drawing the Economy: Micro and Macro

Two New Graphic Novels

I love checking out the new graphic novels, and I am in awe of the range of topics that graphic artists are tackling.

Two recent titles that just happened to come in at the same time and which I read in tandem are Economix by Michael Goodwin and Mission in a Bottle by Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff.

The first takes a broad (and I mean BROAD) view of the history of the global economy and the economists who have tried to understand it. The second tells the story of the Honest Tea company from the founders' perspective, focusing on their struggle to make a value-driven business that is also profitable.

Both are rich, well-written, well-drawn books, and together, they provide two different perspectives on a similar set of topics.

For instance, take a look at the way that each peers into the issue of economic bubbles and corporate mergers:
(click the images for larger views.)

While Goodwin reflects on the challenge of understanding economic bubbles...Goodwin on economic bubbles
Goldman and Nalebuff draw lessons from a competitor's inflated value.Jones Soda bubble
And when Goodwin highlights the new dense network of global corporations...
Goodwin's corporate map

our friends at Honest Tea weigh the advantages of aligning their small business with a company like Coca-Cola.
Honest Tea office, the owners talk to Coca-Cola
Following the economy can be difficult and exhausting, but books like these can help to clarify some of the more confusing aspects of the topic.