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"I Never Liked You "

I Never Liked You Book CoverI Never Liked You by Chester Brown       

I was scanning through the graphic novel section one day, and the title I Never Liked You caught my eye. “What is this about?” I asked, looking at the cover, with what looked like two women hugging.

This made me take a second look and read the back cover. Author Chester Brown looks back on his adolescent attempts at relationships--with his friends, his mother, the girl who always loved him, with maturity and irony that the result is an unspoken testament to the reality of life. I am not really much into comic strips but Brown’s comic-strip narrative flowed so smoothly through the book that once you have begun, this book is almost impossible to put down. 

His friends are funny, a little crazy and childish for wanting to hear Chester curse. They harass him every day to say a bad word until the finally trick him to say one. I didn’t understand the point in that but I guess that is what kids do sometimes.  Brown comes off as a weird teen, but he has friends, and girls like him and want to be his friend. Publishers Weekly said that this book “captures Brown's weirdly detached relations with almost everyone and his awkward, almost pathological passivity and inability to 'fit in.' But girls do like him, which can be both a dream come true and his worst nightmare. Chester isn't sure (actually hasn't got a clue) what to do after he tells a friend he loves her.” Events like this in the book make it a really good teen read. It’s a short read, deals with everyday teen issues with family and friends; it has pictures and it's a great book that one can take something away from it.

--Eboni Stokes, Senior Children's Librarian
Woodridge Neighborhood Library