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Read Your Favorite Movie

Books made into movies and more!

Shrek book cover imageIt’s no secret that many Hollywood movies come straight from the pages of books, quite literally. Many classic movies came from equally classic books, and a glance at the “What’s Playing Now” list for any local theater or even the television schedule will have at least one thing based on a book.

(Hunger Games: Catching Fire or Vampire Diaries, anyone?)

However, there might be a lot of movies or shows out there that were based on lesser-known books. While perusing the Petworth Library collection for books turned into movies or TV shows, there were several titles that surprised me:
  • The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman: A graphic novel series adapted for the popular AMC zombie show
  • Shrek! by William Steig: It was a little-known children's book before it became the popular animated movie series Shrek
  • Oil!: A Novel by Upton Sinclair: The Academy Award-winning movie There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis was loosely based on this book
  • Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepherd: Teen drama/mystery book series turned into a teen drama/mystery television show
To find books like these and more, visit our display of books made into movies/shows in the Adult Computer Area/Teen Area on the first floor. There are books for all ages, and you might find the book your favorite movie was based on!