'Historic Restaurants of Washington, DC'

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'Historic Restaurants of Washington, DC'

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Historic Restaurants of Washington, DC cover Local author and blogger John DeFerrari explores D.C.'s culinary past and revisits old restaurants in his fascinating history of how Washington went dining, Historic Restaurants of Washington, D.C. 

Before 1830, taverns were the only place to eat in D.C. with locals and travelers gathering to drink, hear the latest news, and socialize. When the first restaurants opened during the 1830s, they also provided catering services and over time other kinds of eating establishments such as hotel dining rooms, tearooms, diners, and supper clubs became choices for locals to eat around the city. The author includes the thriving dining scene for D.C.'s African-American community and Washington's long history of ethnic restaurants. As immigrants arrived, they opened restaurants featuring dishes from their home countries, altered for American tastes.

The flavors of long existing and closed restaurants are provided by the recipes included throughout the book while the colored plates and other illustrations supply a glimpse of what restaurants were like during their heyday.

Of interest to patrons in the Cleveland Park neighborhood, the Roma Restaurant and Yenching Palace are mentioned. Today, Firehook and Walgreens are in those respective locations.

Copies are available to check out from the library.
-- Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian