THINK TANK: The Suggested Online Reading List | Part One

Benning/Dorothy I. Height Library

THINK TANK: The Suggested Online Reading List | Part One

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You like to spend a great deal of time on the Internet, don't you? It's okay. We're all guilty of running to the nearest computer, tablet, or cell phone to attain our daily dose of news and entertainment. Technology and the Internet are power players in how we send and receive information and it can be quite lovely. Like books, you can discover new worlds and new stories via the web.

Because DC Public Library is a great place of information, and we value old and new media materials, THINK TANK now presents, THINK TANK: The Suggested Online Reading List.

This will be a weekly (or daily, depending on the day) list of interesting online readings that will get you thinking and talking. So feel free to share with your Facebook friends or text the link to your mother; we are sure everyone will find something to read about.

Suggested Online Readings:
  1. Frank Schaefer, United Methodist Pastor, Discusses Conviction For Officiating Son's Gay Marriage (Huffington Post)
  2. NAACP Pushes District Attorney to File Felony Charges Against San Jose State University Students (Clutch Magazine)
  3. 3 Ways to Recover From a Holiday Shopping Binge (Ebony Magazine)
  4. Under 21 and Winning: 8 Young Bosses to Watch in 2013 (Black Enterprise)
  5. From Teen Mom to Harvard to Celebrity Hairstylist: How Nancy V. Brown Overcame Early Challenges to Achieve (Black Enterprise)
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