Let the Hunger Games Conclude!

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Let the Hunger Games Conclude!

For all of those who celebrated Thanksgiving and/or took time out of their busy schedule to see the new Hunger Games movie, I hope that it has been a good time. Now we can look ahead!

The Hunger Games and Thanksgiving (our national day of over-eating) have concluded; but, for many, the next month will be preparation for another holiday.Think Local First DC

For those planning on purchasing gifts this month, remember the great local resources that we have available right here in D.C. Even if you are not purchasing things to celebrate a holiday, you may find yourself at some point in the next month at a store (which will hopefully have some cool deals!).

Whether or not you were able to support Small Business Saturday (Nov. 13), you can keep resources in your local community just by frequenting an independently owned store in your area. If you are inclined to think and shop local, I highly recommend using the Think Local First D.C. Website.

As with local businesses, I encourage all of you to support your local library, and here are some great books that are set in the D.C. area that you might really enjoy!
Capital Girls
All American Girl
Capital Mysteries Series : Who Cloned the President