'National Pastime'

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'National Pastime'

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With the days shrinking ever shorter and darker, it’s nice to dream of spring and sunshine and warmth — and baseball. While our Nats didn’t meet their lofty expectations in 2013, we can still hope for a successful 2014 season.

national pastime coverIf first pitch still seems too far away, pick up Washington Post sports columnist Barry Svrluga’s National Pastime, a look back at the return of baseball to Washington, D.C. after a generation. Svrluga captures the chaos of building a team nearly from the beginning, with personnel cramped in trailers in the parking lot of RFK stadium; the contentious vote to build a new stadium for the team; and a roster full of throwaways and unknowns. He also conveys the joy of fans long starved for baseball in their city, celebrating — for a time — a first-place team.

So before welcoming back Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth, sit back and enjoy a stroll down memory lane with Frank Robinson, Jose Guillen, and Chad Cordero. And before you know it, pitchers and catchers will be reporting.