Author Talk: Steve Vogel, 'Through the Perilous Fight'

Tenley-Friendship Library

Author Talk: Steve Vogel, 'Through the Perilous Fight'

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book coverIn a rousing account of one of the critical turning points in American history, Through the Perilous Fight tells the gripping story of the burning of Washington and the improbable last stand at Baltimore that helped save the nation and inspired its national anthem.

In the summer of 1814, the United States of America teetered on the brink of disaster. The war it had declared against Great Britain two years earlier appeared headed toward inglorious American defeat. The young nation’s most implacable nemesis, the ruthless British Admiral George Cockburn, launched an invasion of Washington in a daring attempt to decapitate the government and crush the American spirit.

The British succeeded spectacularly, burning down most of the city’s landmarks — including the White House and the Capitol — and driving President James Madison from the area. As looters ransacked federal buildings and panic gripped the citizens of Washington, beleaguered American forces were forced to regroup for a last-ditch defense of Baltimore. The outcome of that “perilous fight” would help change the outcome of the war — and with it, the fate of the fledgling American republic.

Join Steve Vogel on Wed., Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Large Conference Room.