Brr... Books to help you get through the Winter!

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Brr... Books to help you get through the Winter!

Book recommendations

I admit - I do not like being outside when it's cold outside. But, I love curling up with a book and watching the snow fall. Here are some recommendations of books that reinforce that Winter Wonderland atmosphere, without actually causing a chill!

The Mitten - Jan BrettOne of my favorite folktales is a Ukranian one called The Mitten, and luckily, DC Public Library has a bunch of different versions of it! This story about a little boy who loses one of his mittens which slowly become a refuge from the cold for a increasingly bizarre variety of wild animals is sure to be a hit with children of a wide age range. Jan Brett's is probably the most famous version, but I also really like Alvin Tresselt's. One neat activity to do is to have everyone compare and contrast the two different versions. Some pretty silly differences might pop up!

Over and Under the SnowI know many kids find the idea of hibernation interesting: Winter Lullaby by Barbara Sueling is a sweet picture book about what some animals do to survive the cold. Similarly, I love Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner.

Linda Glaser has a series of picture books about seasons, all of which include simple facts and crafts. It's Winter joins her other books in being great ways to explore seasons and weather.

Do you have a favorite wintertime picture book? Come to the Anacostia Library and tell us all about it!

-Ms. Sho, Children's Librarian