Diabetes Wellness Workshop

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Diabetes Wellness Workshop

Fitness for a lifetime!

Picture of fruits ready to eat.On Tuesday, Dec. 10, a speaker from the American Diabetes Association will be here to talk about how important exercise is for anyone who wants to be healthy in general, and why it is even more important in managing and avoiding diabetes. 

Join us at 12:30 p.m. on the second floor outside Room 220 for a presentation full of useful information, and a chance to join in the lively question and answer period afterwards. 

These sessions are an excellent resource for anyone dealing with diabetes, or trying not to ever get it in the first place. 

For those who have attended the sessions before, this is a re-visit to a topic covered briefly a few months ago. Since this is a key issue in managing diabetes, that just wasn't enough.

Come and join us for some motivating facts on the subject, and then start working some intentional exercise into all your busy days preparing for the holiday season. You'll actually feel less tired if you do!