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D.E.'s Choice Reads

Dr. J The Autobiography

Dr. JDr. J The Autobiography with Karl Taro Greenfeld takes the reader into the life and thoughts of Julius Erving, better known as Dr. J.

The book reads from a first-person perspective throughout. The autobiography begins with Dr. J in his childhood years growing up in New York, living in an apartment with his mom, older sister and little brother. Dr. J then explains to the reader how basketball helped transform his life and those around him. From playing summer league basketball to attending the University of Massachusetts, Dr. J continued to amaze basketball fans with his skills and talent on the basketball court. However, it wasn’t until he was approached by a gentleman who explained to him the talent he possessed could earn him a chance to play in the ABA or NBA.

Eventually, Dr. J would turn professional and play in the ABA and later the NBA, earning Most Valuable Player awards and championship trophies in both leagues. Dr. J holds back very little in this autobiography, including the deaths of his little brother and big sister. He expounds upon the difficulties he faced as a husband, father and businessman.

I picked up this book knowing a little bit about Dr. J the basketball player. After reading the book, I know more about Julius Erving, the man. Check out this book and many other great biographies at the DC Public Library.
-- David Edmonds, Adult Librarian