NaNoWriMo Exquisite Corpse Story

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

NaNoWriMo Exquisite Corpse Story

How Will Our Story End?

NaNoWrimo display
November was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo), and at Shaw Library, we gave customers the opportunity to contribute a sentence or two to our exquisite corpse story. If you haven't done an exquisite corpse story before, it's fun and easy to do at home or school with friends.

For example, Salt starts the story by writing one sentence. Pepa reads the sentence and adds his own. He then folds over the first line of the story so that only his sentence is visible. Then Ms. Theresa reads the previous sentence and contributes her own sentence to the story. Pass it around to your friends then unfold at the end to see what story everyone came up with together!

Read on for the Shaw Library Exquisite Corpse Story to inspire you to write your own.

They told me there was a ghost who lived in the library, but I didn't believe them. So, I decided it was time to begin investigating. And what I found turned out to be greater than I imagined. 

"Tighten your ponytail, Janice!" yelled Keith. "It's time to be brave!"

It's time to party! Yeah! Because we won the lottery. And a girl was walking to the store who got a movie and cookies that made her into an animal. She started to scream and realized she couldn't speak. She had lost her voice and couldn't speak, but she had to make a speech. All eyes were upon her. Sweat pouring from every gland was starting to make itself known. She took a deep breath and stepped into the time machine with all her clothes ruined. She was going into the future to get her sister. She would miss her family but she was determined to find her lost sibling.

She was very determined to find her bow and arrows. She pulled out her
katana blade cautiously as she heard a sound in the distance as birds flew from the trees. She took in a sigh of relief to find that it was only the birds emerging from the large tree. She knew the tree would be the best place to hide, so climbed up quickly, hoping no one could see her.

"Look at the wonderful forest!" she exclaimed.

Still, the chances  of finding him amongst all these plants seem slim indeed. But I kept on searching for library ghost. I looked in the rose bushes, the weeds, the tomato garden, and even the compost heap. It was so smelly! But still no library ghost. 

And then all of a sudden I heard someone or something call my name!!!
...Kaleb. K-A-L-E-B! I slowly turned around 360 degrees but I saw no one and no thing. I kept going forward towards the closed door when I was going to sleep....

The End?