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The Smartest Potato on the Couch

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Larry Smith Modern Love Column

Lots of us are binging on TV these days... taking in entire series in one sitting... blissfully forgetful of the days when we would have to wait all summer to find out who shot J.R.
I myself have been delving into Netflix's Orange in the New Black, and I have decided to assuage my fear of being a couch potato by adding a veneer of scholarship to my TV habit.

Here's what I dug up:
  • At DC Public Library, we have the original book by Piper Kerman (Chapman in the show) that they based the show on. There's a long wait list right now, but I'll get it soon (we have downloadable copies as well).
  • One storyline in the series involves Piper's fiance Larry writing a column for the New York Times and then being interviewed by a This American Life-like radio show. Searching for Piper Kerman in our New York Times archive, I found not only articles written about the creation of the show but also one of her original pieces about the day she surrendered in prison.
  • Kerman's fiance's name is Larry Smith, and you can read their wedding announcement. Smith actually wrote more than one column about his relationship with Piper... and not only about her time in prison (cool thing about our NYT archive is that you can usually find a scan of the original print article or just the text).
  • Smith is the guy who started the whole Six Word thing on his online magazine Smith. Our youth librarian recently had us all write six word reviews of our favorite young adult books - fun to discover the connection to the series. 
That's all I've got right now - remember, I said it was a veneer. 
- David