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Q&A with Salt and Pepa: Part 3

Salt and Pepa with their questions boxWinter is coming, friends, and so are more questions and answers with us, the Shaw Library gerbils!

Hey Salt and Pepa - What are you guys doing? You guys are pretty and cool. Love, Anasia
Why thank you, Anasia! This week we're keeping busy by helping the librarians wrap up children's books in colorful wrapping paper as "presents" for kids to check out and unwrap at home. We also helped chew some paper snowflakes for the super cool winter-themed books display.

The librarians read us all kinds of winter books to get us in the mood for the season. Our favorite was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We prefer the boardbook version - more fun to chew. 

Can you do my math homework? :)
The smiley face is pretty convincing, but after discussing it, we think you should probably do your homework yourself.

But, if you have questions, try asking library staff for help. Or you can try our Homework Help for Kids or Homework Help for Teens pages on the library website!

What's your middle name?
Salt: SirStealsFood.
PepaMine's Snuffleupagus.

Pepa - do you have any friends? Love you. XOXOXOXO
Well, with so many X's and O's, I hope I can count you as a friend! Besides my BFF and brother, Salt, I'd like to think that all the kids who come into the library are my friends!

Why do you have such a big cage? - Joy and Roma F.
You think this is big?! No way! We'd love an even bigger cage so we have lots of places to tunnel and dig and run around in! We're really coveting the big glass tank across the Children's Area. In fact, don't tell the librarians, but we're plotting to take it over. Join the big cage revolution, friends! [Ms. Theresa says: Don't worry. As much as we love Salt and Pepa, we're going to keep the story time room for story times and programs.]

Do you hibernate in the winter?
It might seem like we sleep a lot, but we don't hibernate! We do sleep more when it gets cold though. Can you blame us?

Thanks again for all your questions and visits! We look forward to seeing you around Shaw Library again soon!

-- From the Paws of Salt and Pepa
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