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Ms. Jess's Giggle Reads

Cover of The Adventures of Nanny PigginsWhat if Mary Poppins had been a pig? In particular, what if Mary Poppins had once been a flying pig at the circus, now turned to the lofty goal of becoming a respectable nanny?

This is the case with Nanny Piggins.

Luckily, she has all the proper qualifications for being a good nanny. She knows that chocolate is the best breakfast food, that picnics are lovely, and she is an expert at being shot out of a cannon.
Well, perhaps those aren’t the normal qualifications for being a nanny, but in The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt, they all come in quite handy as Nanny Piggins takes her charges, Derrick, Samantha and Michael on various adventures. From having a contest to see who can spend the least on school uniforms, to taking a boat to China for Chinese food, Nanny Piggins is full of scrumptious ideas that will keep you laughing through the entire book.

This book is best enjoyed with a large piece of chocolate cake. At least that would be Nanny Piggins' suggestion.
-Jess Stork Glicoes