Craft-Along at Watha T. Daniel: (Big) Kid's Holiday Edition

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Craft-Along at Watha T. Daniel: (Big) Kid's Holiday Edition

Mini Stab-Bound Notebooks

The clock is ticking, only a few days are left before many of us will exchange gifts for the holidays. Are you a procrastinator like me? Did you under-budget and forget someone on your list?

Have no fear! I have a tutorial for a fun and easy handmade gift made out of materials you may already have at hand.

Mini Bound Notebooks

Materials Needed:
  • One page of cardstock (8.5" x 11")
  • One page of printer paper (8.5" x 11")
  • A ruler
  • Waxed linen cord (or any type of hemp cord, embroidery thread, etc.)
  • Something to punch holes (I am using a 1/16" hole punch, but you can also use an awl)
  • A needle with an eye big enough   for your thread
  • Scissors (in my case, a paper guillotine)
  • Binder clips, for securing notebook
Materials Needed

First, cut your piece of cardstock and your piece of printer paper into two-inch strips down the length. Remember, precision here makes perfection later!
Step One
Next, cut those strips into 3.5" pieces. Step Two
At this point, the photos will switch to another sample for better clarity. 

Now that all of our pieces are cut, we will sandwich the printer paper in between two pieces of cardstock to make a small booklet. Be sure to make the booklet very neat and even, then secure with two small binder clips.
Step Three
Once your mini-notebook is secure, use a ruler to carefully mark three evenly-spaced markers.Step Four
Punch those holes! Step Five

Now it's time for the real fun ... let's learn a simple 3-hole stab bind! 

Thread your needle with about a foot of cording. Your first stitch will be through the middle hole, from the back.

Step Six
Next, stitch through the left hole, from the front.Step Seven
Stitch AROUND from the back through the front of the same hole.Step Eight
Repeat this again, to secure the side of the notebook.Step Eight
Now, stitch up through the middle hole again.Step Nine
Repeat the same three stitch process on the right side of your notebook.

When you are finished, you will have a cord tail from the front of the middle hole and a cord tail from the back of the middle hole.
Step Ten
Tie both ends snugly against the top of your notebook in a double knot.End tie
Tie one more knot about an inch and a half up your cord to make a hanger. Clip off any excess, remove your binder clips, and you're done!Final

Use your imagination (and extra office supplies) to make tons of these fun little notebooks. I've decided to use mine as name tags on holiday gifts.

If you're interested in the art of bookbinding, we have many books on the subject.

Check out Basic Bookbinding by Arthur William Lewis for tips and techniques to get you started on your bookbinding journey.

Happy holidays!
--Jesse Sigman