Duann Gaston Retires...

Francis A. Gregory Library

Duann Gaston Retires...

Duann Gaston retires….

   After 36 years of service, Gaston retired from the District of Columbia Public Library this January 2010.  Gaston began working at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in 1974, worked a few years in Woodridge, then transferred to the Langston branch where she worked as Desk Supervisor until it closed a few months ago. 

Soft-spoken, serene, gracious, and well-grounded, Gaston reached out to help people instinctively. Customers and colleagues alike felt the support Gaston offered by always "being there."

We will miss Gaston here at Francis Gregory, where she came to help us out for her final months.  Gaston looks forward to helping her pastor husband, Henry Gaston, and to opening and operating  a library for children in her church. 

We wish her a joyful and peaceful retirement and hope she continues to grow to her most magnificent self.