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Featuring 'Puss in Boots'

"Puss in Boots" by Pinkney book coverCalling all readers!

Please join us in the children's room on Monday, Jan. 6 at 4 p.m. for our first Reader's Theatre program.

Puss in Boots 
 by Jerry Pinkney is our first featured piece.  

It is about a clever cat who wins a fortune and the hand of a princess for his master.

There are many delightful versions of this classic tale.

Here are a few more you may wish to read:

Puss in Boots
Retold by John Cech
Illustrated by Bernhard Oberdieck

A clever cat helps his poor master win fame, fortune, and the hand of a beautiful princess. Includes historical notes on versions of this tale and other fairy tales.
"Puss in Boots" by Cech book cover
Puss in Boots
By Lisa Findlay
Illustrated by Tim Bowers

A simple retelling of the tale about the clever cat who helps his poor master win fame, fortune, and the hand of a beautiful princess.
"Puss in Boots" by Findlay book cover
Puss in Boots
By Charles Perrault
Illustrated by Fred Marcellino
Translated by Malcolm Arthur

A translation of the French fairy tale about the cat who with a sack and a pair of boots gained a fortune for his master.
"Puss in Boots" by Perrault book cover
Puss in Boots/El Gato con Botas
Adaptation by Francesc Boada
Illustrated by José Luis Merino

JUV 398.24 BOADA

Retold in both Spanish and English, the beloved story will delight early readers and older learners alike. Striking illustrations and bilingual text.
"Puss in Boots" by Boada book cover