Oatstanding Oatmeal

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Oatstanding Oatmeal

'You have to eat oatmeal or you'll dry up. Anybody knows that.' - Kay Thompson

2013 is over, time to step into 2014. Aside from a New Year’s Resolution, what is the best way to do that?

(Photo by [TheCulinaryGeek]/ Flickr)To answer: definitely with a hearty and delicious breakfast. And, given the cold weather here in D.C., what could be warmer, more delicious, and more filling than a bowl of oatmeal?! To show our support for our bodies, and to kick off the New Year with a healthy breakfast habit, let’s celebrate Oatmeal Month this January. To learn more about oatmeal and to get some good breakfast resources, please read on…

Oatmeal is a food that has been around for many years, but did you know that it’s been a big part of Scottish culture for many many years? Also, did you know that what oatmeal really is, is ground oat groats and that there are different types? Oatmeal can also be steel-cut, crushed, or rolled.

Fun fact: an oat groat is just the oat seed (which hides in a shell until it is processed).

If you're anything like me, you definitely don't like tests. Did you know that oats have to pass tests too??? When harvesting oats, farmers give them a moisture test. If they have more than 12-14 percent moisture, they're NO GOOD! The weird thing is, they don't go to a school for the test ... they go to a grain elevator.

Aside from you, oats also feed livestock on farms. They're good for all of us - they are rich in starch, protein, and vitamin B-1.

Enjoy National Oatmeal Month and eat some oatmeal today! Please click on some of the links above for access to more information from our great library databases. And, don't forget to check out some cookbooks that recipes with oatmeal.

Or, if you're interested - Kay Thompson - author of Eloise - was also a fan of oatmeal, so why not dip into one of her books while you are at it!
Grandma's FavoritesThe Absolutely Essential EloiseCountry Cooking of Ireland
Grandma's Favorites
edited by Faithann Stoner
Kay Thompson's The Absolutely Essential Eloise
by Kay Thompson
The Country Cooking of Ireland
by Colman Andrews

Happy New Year!