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Globetrotting Through Literature

New Year, New Resolutions!

Many of us have begun New Year’s resolutions, and I am no exception. Mine begins, and will end, with literature. I have decided to read a book or piece of writing by an author from every country in the world! Of course, there are variations to this list: what territories are autonomous states vs. part of a larger country, disputed territories and other factors, but I am trying to stick to a list I found as closely as possible, which totals a little over 200 nations. 
Here are some forms of writing I am looking forward to reading:
  • Folk stories
  • Poetry
  • Autobiographies
  • Fiction- novels, short-stories, etc.
  • Non-fiction
  • Essays
I began my quest with the Booker Prize winning novel, Disgrace, by South African author and Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee, which coincides with this month’s adult book club! See if you can squeeze it in before this month’s meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m.  In case you are up for the aforementioned challenge, I won’t ruin the plot of the book, but a quick summary is this:

Disgrace by Coetzee
A middle-aged male professor resigns from his position at a university in Cape Town and seeks refuge with his daughter in rural South Africa. He arrives just in time to be part of a traumatic event at his daughter’s residence. The rest of the book details the father accepting his new position in life, and reconciling meaningful relationships with characters around him.

As my description probably evokes, I was not very entertained by this book. In fact, I felt a specific hatred for one character that was so strong, I will say I have never detested any character so much! Come to the book club to join the discussion of Disgrace.

As for Globetrotting Through Literature, I will feature an update once a month on my progress. 
-J. Ortiz, Library Associate, Takoma Park Neighborhood Library