Lego Wars

Petworth Library

Lego Wars

Battle of the Bricks

Lego Wars participants making plant-themed creations
On Jan. 14, Petworth Neighborhood Library hosted its first round of LEGO Wars for our tween customers (children between ages 8-13)! Each participant was given approximately 150 LEGO bricks and had 30 minutes to create a themed construction. There were so many people that we needed split up the competition into two different rounds! 

The children participating in the first round decided to compete individually and had to invent something that pertained to "monsters." Everyone came up with something different, including an underground monster house with stairs as well as a dragon.
Picture of a Lego Wars creation: Stairs down into the Monster's house.
Lego Wars Creation: Plants vs. Zombies inspired observatory and mutant plants.
For the second round, the participants decided to pool their resources and work in teams to make "plant"-related creations. One team created a 3D Plants vs. Zombies-inspired scene, while the other made a mixed 2-D and 3-D scene featuring different types of plants and magical items.

Great work, everyone!

We all had a blast, and we hope to see you at our other upcoming tween programs here at Petworth Neighborhood Library!