'Survival Lessons' by Alice Hoffman

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'Survival Lessons' by Alice Hoffman

Survival Lessons by Alice HoffmanSurvival Lessons by Alice Hoffman is a paean to life. 

An author of many works, she writes this small book as a survivor of breast cancer. Filled with quotations from such authors as Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost, many of the pages are graced with poignant photographs, one of which is that of a smiling Anne Frank.

Ms. Hoffman gives us directives in chapter titles. For example, one title is: "Choose to Make Things Beautiful."

Life is precious to a cancer survivor. Life is precious to all of us, fellow passengers on our journey of joy and sorrow, of light and darkness. The lessons in this book can be read and re-read.

To paraphrase a Leonard Cohen song, we must catch the light through the cracks.