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Step Into... Online Resources

Helping You Find Reliable Information Every Friday Morning

Image of keyboardDid you know the library has more than just books? We also have online resources available through our website that you can access in the library or from home!

Meet us in the third-floor computer lab every Friday at 10:30 a.m. to learn about the following online resources:

Feb. 7: Black Studies
Feb. 14: General Reference
Feb. 21: Business and Personal Finance
Feb. 28: Genealogy

And that's just February! Keep an eye out each month for the online resources that we'll be offering! 

Still not convinced the library's online resources are better for you than Google and other online information sources?

Consider this scenario: You are researching the organic food movement and come across an interesting blog post that discusses all of the cons of this movement. It sounds somewhat convincing, but where are his references? How can you be sure he even knows what he's talking about? So you decide you want more information on the two "food movement leaders" he mentions and to find out if he's actually legit.

You head back to Google to search around a bit more and come across an article in The Atlantic called "Organic can feed the world" by Barry Estabrook. In his article, Estabrook counters the blog writer's issues with the food movement in a much more convincing manner. I mean, it's from The Atlantic, a fairly more credible source than a random blog post.

But you are of a more discerning mind, and would like to form your own opinion on the topic. So where should you go next? The library's online resources, of course! You can check out all the ins and outs of the organic food movement by visiting Opposing Viewpoints in Context's topic page on organic food. This resource provides expertly tailored pro and con viewpoint articles, primary source documents, and other informative articles from a large number of magazines, academic journals and newspapers.

Now if you've gone this far with me, and would like to become the true researching expert you are meant to be, check out any Step Into... Online Resources class each Friday at 10:30 a.m. to develop your skills!