Kid's Graphic Novel Book Club: January Meeting

Cleveland Park Library

Kid's Graphic Novel Book Club: January Meeting

Cover image of Monster on the HillThe January meeting of the Kid's Graphic Novel Book Club will be on Jan. 30 at 5 p.m. This month, while we're chomping down on delicious pizza we'll be talking about Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell.

In Harrell's fantastic version of 1860s England every town is terrorized by their very own monster. Those monster attacks are a source of pride for every village. Expect for poor Stoker-on-Avon.

Their monster is...not very good. Rayburn is down in the dumps and hasn't felt much like attacking anything and he's becoming an embarrassment to the whole town.

So now it's up to one slightly disgraced Man of Science and one Plucky Street Urchin to get their monster back on track.