Family Fun Day Sunday

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Family Fun Day Sunday

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library!

The Year of the Horse begins on Jan. 31, and we will be celebrating during our Family Fun Day Sunday on Feb. 2 at 2 p.m. in the Children’s Room. Learn and celebrate by joining us for stories, music, and a craft!

In the meantime, check out some of these wonderful books about Chinese New Year and enjoy celebrating!

Bringing in the New Year cover

Bringing in the New Year 
by Grace Lin

A Chinese American family prepares for and celebrates the Lunar New Year. End notes discuss the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year.

A great story with lovely pictures for younger children.

Runaway Wok Cover

The Runaway Wok 
by Ying Chang Compestine

On Chinese New Year's Eve, a poor man who works for the richest businessman in Beijing sends his son to market to trade their last few eggs for a bag of rice, but instead he brings home an empty -- but magic -- wok that changes their fortunes forever.

Beautiful illustrations accompany the exciting story.

My First Chinese New Year covor

My First Chinese New Year 
by Karen Katz

A young girl and her family prepare for Chinese New Year.

A great text for younger readers or those being introduced to the holiday.

Celebrating Chinese New Year cover
Celebrating Chinese New Year 
by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith;
photographs by Lawrence Migdale

This photo-essay depicts a San Francisco boy, 10-year-old Ryan Leongand, and his family preparing for and enjoying their celebration of the Chinese New Year, their most important holiday.
This Next New Year cover

This Next New Year 
by Janet S. Wong

A family prepares to celebrate the Lunar New Year and looks forward to the good luck they hope it will bring.

Although we are welcoming the Year of the Horse, older readers will enjoy Grace Lin’s amazing works:

year of the Dog cover

Year of the Dog 
by Grace Lin

Frustrated at her seeming lack of talent for anything, a young Taiwanese American girl sets out to apply the lessons of the Chinese Year of the Dog, those of making best friends and finding oneself, to her own life.

year of the rat cover
Year of the Rat 
by Grace Lin

In the Chinese Year of the Rat, a young Taiwanese American girl faces many challenges: her best friend moves to California and a new boy comes to her school, she must find the courage to forge ahead with her dream of becoming a writer and illustrator, and she must learn to find the beauty in change.