In Memoriam

Palisades Library

In Memoriam

Several lights of the literary world passed away recently.

The prolific and popular Robert Parker passed away on January 18.  He leaves behind a legacy of over 60 books, most notably those featuring tough but erudite P.I. Spenser at home in a Boston backdrop.  Many of Parker’s books are owned by the DC Public Library. When a Parker fan was asked to recommended a particular title, the answer was “they are all good. Pick one and start reading.”  Librarian’s recommendation: The Early Spenser, one volume containing three novels (The Gudwulf Manuscript, God Save the Child, Mortal Stakes) that introduce the cast of characters who will accompany Spenser throughout his long career.

J. D. Salinger, from whom little has been heard in many years, died at the age of 91. The Catcher in the Rye has become a classic, but be sure to read or revisit Frannie & Zooey and Nine Stories.

Louis Auchincloss chronicled the lives of the upper crust in over 50 novels and short story collections spanning six decades. Auchincloss, who died at 92, combined an active legal career with a productive writing life, is best know for The Rector of Justin published in 1964 but continued to publish until 2008, when The Last of the Old Guard appeared.  He also wrote nonfiction covering a variety of literary and historical topics, including profiles of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for Love Story by Eric Segal, who died at 72.

Books by all the above authors are being highlighted at the Palisades Library during the month of February.