A Librarian Walks into a Bar

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A Librarian Walks into a Bar

Library Resources from a Man on the Street

JB mixing drinksRecently, stopping for a pint at Menomale, my favorite Brookland watering hole and pizza place, the bartender-mixologist JB Knapp told me that he had gotten his first DC Public Library card and was using it to learn more about his trade. So, I sat down and interviewed JB about some of the things he's learned at the library and his approach to mixing drinks.

You can listen to our short interview below (pay no attention to the Grammys in the background), but one of JB's suggestions is The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart. I've been enjoying the downloadable audio copy of the book, and it is indeed a fascinating tour through the botanical science of many of our favorite libations - it can be comforting to stop and think about a cocktail as the end point of the life-cycle of a plant.The Drunken Botanist

As we discuss in the interview, the culture of cocktails can be intimidating, so if you are seeking more books about cocktails from our collection, follow this link to a subject-search in our catalog. Likewise, here is a search for books at the convergence of botany and cuisine.

But, if you are itching to get started on some mixology instruction, check out the "Bartending and Mixology 101" class on our Universal Class database. You won't even have to leave your kitchen!
-- David