New Children's Books

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New Children's Books

Tap the Magic Tree bookcover It’s cold outside, but our hearts are warmed by the arrival of new children’s books. February is definitely a season awash in colorful stories.

From magical adventures like The Journey by Aaron Becker to frolicking fun like William’s Joyce’s The Mischievians, there is something for everyone. Pat, shake or tap your way along with Christie Matheson’s picture book, Tap the Magic Tree. Watch as the author recounts how a tree blooms throughout the seasons. Matheson’s charming use of watercolor illustration will have you eagerly looking forward to spring.

But if you're looking for new crowd pleasers, try The Line by Paula Bossio. Like Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Line uses the whimsy of drawing to express a child’s imagination.

The crafty antics of Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin will have you laughing out loud. Bright and cheerful, Pete the Cat moves to his own jazzy rhythm.

To borrow a beat from Pete: if none of these titles will do, we still have lots more for you.

So come and check us out!