Beginning the New Year with Meditation

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Beginning the New Year with Meditation

Three-part Workshop on Jyoti Meditation with David Newcomb

Image of figure in state of meditationIn this busy, fast-paced world, peace seems like an elusive commodity. David Newcomb will offer a simple, effective meditation technique that can help you find inner peace. Begin your new year with a three-part meditation series.

David Newcomb, author and meditation practitioner has been meditating for over 36 years. He has been offering workshops and lectures on meditation, personal transformation and spirituality. David has been inspiring audiences on how to practice and learn this very simple technique, which can impact your life in many positive ways.

In this series, you will have the chance to practice the art of meditation that can positively affect your life. Through first-hand demonstrations of this simple yet highly effective method, you will discover the key to deeper concentration. Join David for this inspirational meditation workshop series and start the New Year on the right track!

Head shot of meditation teacher/practitioner David Newcomb

A Washington, D.C. resident for the last 41 years, David Newcomb worked 22 of those years as a contract consultant for the law firm of Holland + Knight, LLP, where he provided litigation support services, specializing in construction contract disputes, until his retirement in 2010.

David has a lifelong interest in literature and the arts and he published a novel, Harry’s Ark, in 2003.  His earlier writing projects include three stage plays, two unpublished novels and numerous poems. More recent work includes a collection of original spiritual songs, called Satsangi Symphony, which he produced as a CD in 2008.  He is currently at work on a musical titled The Maestro honoring his spiritual teacher. David began his meditation practice in 1976.