What Do Earmuffs and Popsicles Have in Common?

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What Do Earmuffs and Popsicles Have in Common?

Kid inventors

Brrr. It is cold outside and if you use earmuffs to keep your ears warm, you have a kid from 1873 to thank for that. earmuffs_image

Tired of his ears freezing while he was testing out a new pair of skates, 15-year-old Chester Greenwood from Maine used wire to make two-ear shaped loops and beaver fur and cloth sewn on by his grandmother to create the first-ever earmuffs

Quite by accident, the Popsicle was invented by an 11-year old from Oakland, Calif. “One day Frank [Epperson] mixed some soda water powder and water, which was a popular drink in those days.  He left the mixture on the back porch overnight with the stirring stick still in it. The temperature dropped to a record low that night and the next day Frank had a stick of frozen soda water to show his friends at school,” according to Ideafinder.com. “Later he began a business producing Epsicles in seven fruit flavors. The name was later changed to the Popsicle.”

From inventing the snowboard to the television to Braille to the trampoline to Hip Hop, kids have left their mark. Today, thanks to children all over the world, our lives are better and even more fun because of their creativity. 

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