Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

Northeast Library

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

Puzzle Swap!Bring a 500+ piece puzzle with no missing pieces to swap with your fellow puzzle lovers! Bring more than one to up the fun! The swap will be held at the newly renovated Northeast Neighborhood Library from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., all ages are welcome.  

Interested in reading about jigsaw puzzles? Read Margaret Drabble's The Pattern in the Carpet: A Personal History With Jigsaws. Alongside curious facts and discoveries about jigsaw puzzles (did you know, after the stock market crash of 1929, puzzle sales increased dramatically?), Margaret Drabble weaves her own story into a history of games that have offered her and many others relief from melancholy and depression.

An acclaimed British novelist and editor of the Oxford Companion to Literature, Drabble notes that the best way to attack a puzzle is by starting with the frame. "She uses the metaphor of the jigsaw puzzle to assert that life is composed of small undramatic pieces, and not of the cataclysmic events on which some novelists insist," writes Michael Cunningham in his New York Times review of The Pattern in the Carpet

Please tell your friends and neighbors about our first library-hosted Jigsaw Puzzle Swap, so there will be plenty of puzzles to choose from!