Philosophy Cafe

Shepherd Park/Juanita E. Thornton Library

Philosophy Cafe

Beyond Good and Evil

Book cover image of Beyond Good and EvilThe Philosophy Café is an informal gathering of individuals who enjoy discussion of philosophical ideas.

Each meeting, we will select a classic philosophy book that covers some well known puzzles of the field of philosophy. We will use a very accessible introduction to Philosophy written by Dion Scott-Kakures as our overall guide. The topic might be the nature of truth or the existence of free will.

The philosophical works chosen will be short and perfectly sized for quotation and analysis. We will try to decide on our individual positions regarding these classic issues by the end of our discussion. Eventually, we hope to create a running blog to be read by the Shepherd Park community that gathers together the results of our discussions.

We will meet the third Tuesday of each month on the second floor of Shepherd Park Library, three blocks from the Takoma Metro station. No registration is required.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, Feb. 18. We will explore the idea of the relativity of truth or perspectivism, an idea that was introduced by Frederick Nietzsche in one of his early works entitled Beyond Good and Evil. Please come to this relaxed discussion.