Winter Party Fun

Southwest Library

Winter Party Fun

Winter book displayIn January, we had a Winter Party in the Children's Room! 

We started the party with an icebreaker game (pun intended). During the game, kids used snowflake puzzles to find a person with a matching piece. There were fun questions written on the back of the snowflakes that kids used to get to know their partner and introduce him/her to the rest of the group. 

Then it was on to crafts and games. 

We made colorful, sparkling, 3-D snowflakes with pipe cleaners & beads, followed by rousing games of bingo. 

We also decorated cupcakes for a snack and posed for pictures in a photo booth, complete with props and a wintry background. Everyone who attended the party left with a Chipotle coupon and a brand new book. 

Thank you to all of the kids and caregivers who attended the party. 

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Photo boothBeaded SnowflakesPhoto Booth