Local Author Bill German

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Local Author Bill German

Cover Picture for Under Their Thumb
Join us on Saturday, March 1, for a conversation with author Bill German as he talks about his book Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Guy From Brooklyn Got Mixed Up With The Rolling Stones. Under Their Thumb is an up-close and extremely personal dispatch from the amazing, exclusive world of the Rolling Stones, by someone who was lucky enough to live it – and sober enough to remember it all.

As a teenager, Bill German knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: chronicle the career and adventures of his favorite rock band, the Rolling Stones. And in 1978, on his 16th birthday, he set out to make his dream a reality.

Feverishly typed in his Brooklyn bedroom, and surreptitiously printed in his high school’s mimeograph room German’s Stones-only newsletter, Beggars Banquet, was born. In this warts-and-all book, which includes many never-before-seen photographs, German takes us to the Stones’ homes, recording sessions and concerts around the world. He charts the band’s rocky path from the unthinkable depths of a near breakup to the obscenely lucrative heights of their blockbuster tours.

And ultimately, German reveals why his childhood dream come true became a passion he finally had to part with.