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Teen Comic Book Club

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comic book clubHas the persistent cold weather put you in a funk?

Do you find yourself wishing you could be Queen Ororo (aka Storm) and control the climate?

Perhaps you'd rather leave combat to the caped crusaders and instead want to focus on romantic rivalries in Riverdale. Did you know that Archie married Veronica? Or was it Betty? According to Michael Uslan's Archie: The Married Life , Archie Andrews marries both ladies! Set in parallel universes, readers uncover two very different destinies for Archie and the gang.

Maybe you're more of a history buff and you'll find The Silence of Our Friends has all that you're looking for in a graphic novel.

 If the relationship woes of an All-American redhead don't enthrall you, and you just can't be bothered with historical non-fiction, have no fear! There are numerous titles to choose from at the library and you're sure to find other readers who love graphic novels just as much yourself. 

The Northeast Neighborhood Library is starting a book club for teens who wish to get into graphic novels for those who already absolutely love to read comic books.  If you’re interested in joining the book club, please fill out the form below.  

Please be mindful that book club is limited to 10 participants ages 13-18.

For questions or concerns, please email Whitney Jerome or call 202-698-0183.