Cleveland Park Annual Haiku Contest

Cleveland Park Library

Cleveland Park Annual Haiku Contest

Are you the next Matsuo Basho?

basho artIt's Spring, and Cleveland Park Library's annual haiku contest has arrived! Follow your inspiration, and submit your own haiku. 

A form of poetry that originated in Japan, haiku captures a mood or scene from everyday life -- often of nature. It can be serious or humorous. The haiku style traditionally consists of 17 Japanese on in three phrases or, more commonly in English: of three lines of five syllables, then seven, then five. The last line may be a surprise or bring the poem's elements together.

So that everyone can appreciate your creations, we will display your haiku in the library's front window.  We welcome your submissions from April 1 through April 21, and then our judges will select one winning haiku from each of three groups: Child, Young Adult, Adult. 

We encourage all to participate, but please only one entry per person.

If you desire, be sure to check out your library's catalog and learn from the masters: Matsuo Basho, Yosa Buson or Kobayashi Issa.