Mario Day Program

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Mario Day Program

Mario Day Art Attack at MLK Library Teen Space
Monday, March 10 is Mario Day, so named because when abbreviated, Mar. 10 looks like the name Mario. Although not originally intended, Mario Day has become closely associated with famed Nintendo video game mascot, Mario the plumber.

To celebrate Mario Day, the Art Attack program at the Martin Luther King Library Teen Space on Monday, March 10 will be a Papercraft Warp Pipe pencil holder, which can be found among many other great designs on the Nintendo Papercraft site. The Teen Space staff will also be bringing out our Nintendo Wii system and the game New Super Mario Brothers Wii. We will try to finish the game from start to finish in a marathon session before the library closes. Wish us luck!

If you’re looking for more things Nintendo, a book I would recommend is Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan. It traces the history of this prestigious video game company from its beginnings in 1980s arcades all the way through the home consoles of the mid-2000s. It also a lot of history about electronic games in general that makes it a fascinating read, and it’s just one of the many books in the DC Public Library that we have which cover just about everything related to video games. 

Bring your overalls and your red caps, and we will see you on Mar. 10.  Let’s-a-go!
--Brandon Digwood