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Poetic Musings

Book spine poetry challenge

Book Spine Poetry
Image by covs97/ Flickr

If your looking for inspiration or feeling creative, then join us as we pay tribute to National Poetry Month. We’ll start with a short read aloud session - share a favorite poem or sample one of the library’s anthologies for fun.

Later, learn how to develop your inner muse through our book spine poetry challenge; arrange books to create a haiku-like poem. If you’ve never written a poem but always wanted to, then is the event is for you. Be it fanciful free verse or a simple rhyme, poetry is a pleasure that everyone can enjoy!

This program will be held on Monday, April 14 at 5 p.m., for all ages.
You can learn more about National Poetry Month on the www.poets.org website.
You can read about poetry with titles such as: