Pi Day & Einstein's Birthday

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Pi Day & Einstein's Birthday

Celebrate on March 14, 2014!

Image of book cover: "Sir Conference and the Dragon of Pi"March 14 marks two important events for math and science -- Pi Day and Albert Einstein's Birthday!

Pi Day is a special day designated in the United States to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi), and the holiday is celebrated on 3/14 to represent its three most significant digits (3, 1, and 4).  Pi Day is celebrated in many ways, often including the making, eating, and throwing of pies! 

And, don't forget about Einstein! Albert Einstein, born on March 14, 1879, developed the theory of relativity, won a Nobel Prize, and is still one of the greatest physicists ever known.  

Want to learn more about pi, or looking for Pi Day inspiration? Who was Albert Einstein, anyway?

Come and learn all about them at Palisades Library! Check out the displays in the Children's Room (including Pi, Pie, Albert Einstein, and Physics), or click on the images to find materials in the catalog.  

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics also has a great array of Pi Day activities!
Image of a Pi (3.14) PieImage of Albert Einstein