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Your Friday Five

My first poetry books

Welcome to new Northeast Library blog series, called Your Friday Five!

Each week, the children's and teen staff will round up 5 of their favorite resources and reads around a certain topic. This Friday, in honor of April as poetry month, we are highlighting five great first poetry books.

Poems are a great choice for little ones for many reasons. First, poetry is great match for the short attention spans that babies start off with. Poetry, especially rhymes and nursery rhymes,  plays with language in a fun and silly way that children enjoy. Moreover, the condensed format of poetry compels poets to chose precise words to express their ideas or emotions. These carefully chosen words add a rich vocabulary to children's understanding of the world.

The more context children have when they start to read, the easier it will be for them to understand what they read about.
-- Lizzie Nolan, Children's Librarian

Wee RhymesWee Rhymes Baby's First Poetry Book 
by Jane Yolen and Illustrated by Jane Dryer 

A collection of both original and traditional Mother Goose poems that span a baby or toddler's day. From the active to the quiet moments, this book offers the a quick bit of rhythm and rhyme to share with your child.
Bill Martin's Big Book
Edited by Bill Martin 
This collection of poems contains a variety of artwork and themes. The more than 100 poems are on subjects such as "Animals," "People and Places" and "Nonsense." Well-known illustrators (Chris Raschka, Steven Kellogg, etc.) add their art in a range of styles.

Read Aloud
Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young
Selected by Jack Prelutsky 

A truly easy and lively group of poems around kids' daily activities and interests including animals, bath time, dragons and play.
Lullaby (for a Black mother): A Poem

by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Sean Qualls
An touching poem accompanied with dreamy illustration that describes the deep bond between a mother and her baby at bedtime.
Baby Face
Baby Face: A Book of Love for Baby
by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Diane Goode

Tender and terse poems around a baby's milestones.