Are You a Poet and Don't Know It?!

Palisades Library

Are You a Poet and Don't Know It?!

National Poetry Month

National poetry MonthEver find yourself rhyming with ease?  Making puns, or otherwise speaking with flare? Maybe you're a poet and don't know it! April is National Poetry Month, so let's celebrate with poems that are silly, happy, exciting, beautiful, mysterious, and everything in-between.  Come check out our wonderful selection of poetry on display, and maybe even join us in a poetry reading on Poem in Your Pocket Day!
Poem in Your Pocket logo
On April 24, Palisades Library will host a special Poem in Your Pocket Night, where people of all ages are invited to read and share their favorite poems aloud! 

Want to read a poem? Just sign up at the downstairs Reference Desk, and we'll give you a time slot.  Readers of all ages are welcome. All participants who read a poem aloud will receive a small prize.

You can even read your own poetry! Or, if you're feeling shy, you can also write and submit your own short poems in designated areas at Palisades Branch. Select poems will be read aloud and/or displayed at Poem in Your Pocket Night.

Wishing you a poetic April!  

P.S. Please enjoy this animation of one of Shel Silverstein's classic poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends!