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Get To Know West End Library Staff!

What Is Your Favorite Book?

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Dana Employee Name: Dana
Employee Title: Library Technician
Book Name: The Night Circus
Author: Erin Morgenstern
Year Published: 2011
Age group reading: Adult

When did you first read this book?
January 2014

About how many times have you read it?
Once (so far)

What did you like best about the book? 
The imagery – it’s beautiful and made me wish that the circus was real.

What did you think was unique about it?
The idea is pretty unique from anything else I’ve heard about – not many authors decide to write about an old-fashioned magical circus and use it as a setting for a magical contest.

Favorite character, and why? Could you relate with him/her or did you just think the character was downright awesome?
Herr Friedrick Thiessen is probably my favorite character – I could relate to him because he fell in love with the circus as much as I did, and followed it around Europe when he could.

How do you think the plot was? Simple but well-executed, complex with many twists and turns, or something else?  
The plot was complex – you never had all the information about what was going on, and some things took a while to be revealed. It could be slow going at times, but well worth it.

If it's set in an alternate world, did you think the author did a good job world building?
The setting was in our world in Victorian times but in this world. Magic was realistic. The author did a good job of blending those two elements so that the world she created seemed like it could have been possible.