May Day Fairy Festival

Lamond-Riggs/Lillian J. Huff Library

May Day Fairy Festival

Flower Fairy
Image by Boston Public Library/ Flickr
Spring is approaching, and with this change in seasons comes a lovely day to celebrate, May Day.

With the sun shining and flowers blooming why even sprites or pixies are tempted to come out and play.

Wait, did you just see that? It was a fairy! Oh, you missed it?

Then tempt the fay to come out and play as we have a merry time. We’re going to read fairy related stories and make a flower garland that you can wear. Flowers and fairies - what better way to have an enchanting day?

Join us on Saturday, May 10 at 2 p.m,; for ages 5 and older.

Pansy picture
Image by in pastel/ Flickr
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