Handy Tech Manual: 3-D Printing

Cleveland Park Library

Handy Tech Manual: 3-D Printing

3D Printing for Dummies cover You may have seen or heard of 3-D printing, but did you know it's available and affordable for home use? Do you know 3-D printing is available at the District of Columbia Public Library?

In 3D Printing for Dummies by Kalani K. Hausman, you can find out how 3-D printing works, how businesses are using it to make a variety of products, what kinds of materials you can use to print, what is a RepRap printer and how it works, and much more.

In the final section, you'll read how 3-D printing has raised ethical issues.  The book contains black-and-white illustrations, diagrams and tips to make the most of your 3-D printer. Copies are available throughout the library system.

Learn more about 3-D printing in the Digital Commons at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library!
-- Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian