Basic Audio Editing

Screenshot of Audacity softwareHave you ever dreamed of producing and editing your own music or talk show? Have you ever wanted to be a broadcast journalist, or create a commercial for the radio or web?

With the help of Audacity, a powerful audio editing software and a little creativity, you could potentially be on your way to starting a new hobby, or perhaps a new career! 

Join the audio editing class in the Digital Commons to learn the basics of creating and editing your own audio files, utilizing the specialized functions of Audacity software. In the class you will learn how to do the following:
  1. Download and install Audacity to your PC.
  2. Record voice and music utilizing a digital microphone. 
  3. Mix high quality music audio with voice recordings using equalization and other studio effects.
  4. Edit both music and voice audio. 
  5. Save audio files to your PC hard drive or flash drive.